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The Desert Star

Address: 800 West Broadway Ste E Needles, CA 92363 United States
Phone: 760-326-2222 
Web: http://www.thedesertstar.com


The company was launched in 1919 by W.J. (Bill) McGiffin and partners with the purchase of the Fort Madison, Iowa, Evening Democrat. After World War II, W.J. (Bill) Brehm started with the W.J. McGiffin Newspaper Company at the Bell-Maywood Industrial Post as a printer\'s devil. Brehm became publisher of the Post in 1951. Following the death of McGiffin in 1955, Brehm served as general manager of the company until 1960 when he became president. Today, the Brehm family produces more than 40 newspapers, including six dailies, across the country.