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Los Angeles Loyolan

Address: 1 LMU Dr. #8470, Los Angeles, CA 90045 United States
Phone: 310 338 2879
Email: editor@theloyolan.com
Web: http://www.laloyolan.com/


The Loyolan is LMU\'s student-run news organization, providing up-to-date stories every day online and bi-weekly in print. It was a short 92 years ago that the Loyolan came to be. Since then, we\'ve undergone plenty of changes, including moving to printing twice-weekly in print. This year, we\'re undergoing perhaps our greatest change yet. Online, we\'re now publishing every day, Monday through Friday. We\'re posting original content that you won\'t see in our print edition, plus more videos than ever before, including our daily Your Loyolan Minute series. We\'re all over social media, including on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Spotify.