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Long Beach Union

Address: 1212 Bellflower Blvd. USU-116 Long Beach, CA 90508 United States
Phone: (562) 985-4867
Web: http://lbunion.com


The Union Weekly has been a staple of the Cal State Long Beach campus since its inception in 1977, when it was formed as a response to the students’ increasing contempt for the school’s official mutant of a newspaper, the Daily 49er. The students, fed up with the Daily 49er’s ineptitude and corruption, demanded a paper that was run solely by students, for students, without the slimy influence of the Journalism department. Out of this eruption of displeasure and cynicism, the Union was born. In the beginning, all Union staffers were renegades, forced to edit and write under pseudonyms so that their evil, Big Brother-agent professors wouldn’t fail them simply for writing for the student paper. Relegated to the darkest, dankest corners of CSULB, editors were forced at times to operate in the depths of the school’s unused bomb shelters, at others in a shanty made of empty pizza boxes and chewing gum. For a while, the paper was good, great even, until one fateful day… As the legend goes, the staffers were celebrating their 2nd sober day in a row by getting drunk, and accidentally (read: trespassed illegally) entered into a Puvunga Indian Burial Casino, where they discovered the famed Puvunga Grunion Curse (in actuality nothing more than a poem that Hunter S. Thompson had carved into a poker table while in the depths of an ether binge). Chanting the curse out loud, the writers found themselves inhabited by strange, horrible demons, which forced them to write witty, acerbic satire that ripped apart the pretenses of society.