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Huntington Beach News

Address: 18582 Beach Blvd. Suite 204, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 United States
Phone: (714) 488-6964
Email: hbnews@hbquik.comĀ 
Web: http://www.hbnews.us/


Ever since the first edition was published in 1905, the Huntington Beach News has seen a long line of editors in those 100+ years. Beginning with U. Syd Lemon, editors have watched and reported the growth of Huntington Beach from a small beach town to a mega-city of today. For approximately six months U. Syd Lemon published the Huntington Beach News on a simple hand press with the type set by hand before turning the reins over to E.W. Hoag. In August 1996, the country became fascinated with something called the "internet" and it became clear to the staff that this was a way to deliver the news right now and so the paper edition was ended and the Huntington Beach News became the first local internet paper to report the news about the people and events in Huntington Beach.