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High Desert

Address: 13891 Park Avenue, Victorville, CA 92392 United States
Phone: (760) 241-7744
Web: http://www.highdesert.com/


High Desert News was originally formed in 1996 as a video newsgathering service for local television stations around southern California. HDN began providing still images from video on January 17th, 1999, along with general information about spot news stories covered. Today, HDN provides high quality digital imagery, has the capacity to deliver the highest quality video through the internet, and recently acquired the ability to deliver live video when conditions warrant. Access to content on HDN for personal viewing is free to the public, however, NO CONTENT whatsoever from this page may be used for commercial purposes WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION from High Desert News. Any use of it's content without permission will be considered a COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and delt with according to copyright laws.