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City on a Hill Press

Address: 1156 High Street , Santa Cruz, CA 95064 United States
Phone: +1 831-459-2430
Email: editors@cityonahillpress.com
Web: http://www.cityonahillpress.com/


City on a Hill Press is the weekly newspaper at UC Santa Cruz produced by and for UCSC students. We also serve to watchdog the politics of the UC administration. The City on a Hill Press (CHP) collective is dedicated to covering underreported events, ideas and voices. Our desks are devoted to certain topics: campus and city news, sports, arts and entertainment, community and culture. CHP is a campus paper, but it also provides space for Santa Cruz residents to present their views and interact with the campus community. Ideally, CHP’s work will serve as an arena for debate, challenge, and ultimately, change. CHP is published weekly in the fall and spring quarters by the City on a Hill Press publishing group, except during academic breaks.