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Trivalley Central

Address: P.O. Box 15002 , Casa Grande, AZ 85130 United States
Phone: 520-836-7461
Email: web@trivalleycentral.com
Web: http://www.trivalleycentral.com


Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc. is a privately owned and operated newspaper and commercial printing company located in Casa Grande, Arizona. It publishes a daily newspaper, five weekly/semi-weekly newspapers and six specialty publications. www.trivalleycentral.com is the company's online version of its newspapers. These newspapers, shoppers and other publications cover an area of more than 140 miles east to west and 50 miles from north to south; a sprawling and dynamic area that includes Pinal County – Arizona’s third most populous. This vital area, not as thoroughly covered by any other medium or combination of media, includes 375,000 people, engaged in such diverse occupations as farming, cattle ranching and feeding, to manufacturing, tourism and retail sales.